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Part 2 - Sophomores and Freshmen
Yearbook originally belonged to Edna Potter
Akin Evelyn Sophomore
Akin Mildred Sophomore
Allesandro Annie Sophomore
Baldwin Maurice Sophomore
Beck Wanna Sophomore
Besse Hilda Sophomore
Blaine Leota Sophomore
Bocock Mary Sophomore
Boller Max Sophomore
Bryson Joe Sophomore
Bunte True Sophomore
Burnett Myron Sophomore
Burton Virginia Sophomore
Buswell Ruth Sophomore
Camp Lorene Sophomore
Chinery Elmer Sophomore
Christensen Ellen Sophomore
Christopher Clara Sophomore
Clark Georgia Sophomore
Clayton Joe Sophomore
Clayton William Sophomore
Coffman Max Sophomore
Collins Esther Sophomore
Collins Opal Sophomore
Compton Mary Sophomore
Conway Genevieve Sophomore
Cory Venna Sophomore
Covert Kate Sophomore
Dawson Glen Mary Sophomore
Deti Adeline Sophomore
Dill Gladys Sophomore
Downs Henry Sophomore
East Naida Sophomore
Eaton Ruth Sophomore
Fettinger Ann Sophomore
Fulghum Virginia Sophomore
Gadd Mildred Sophomore
Gardner Albert Sophomore
Gazzoli James Sophomore
Gibbs Zella Sophomore
Giles Mary Sophomore
Goss Maxine Sophomore
Gray Arline Sophomore
Gray Nellie Sophomore
Hallock Hazel Sophomore
Hardy Kenneth Sophomore
Harris Stella Sophomore
Hassell Ralph Sophomore
Hays Nettie Sophomore
Heer Wesley Sophomore
Hendricks Alice Sophomore
Hill Ruth Sophomore
Holman Reva Sophomore
Homan Nellie Sophomore
Humphry Viola Sophomore
Jamieson Marguerite Sophomore
Jewell Maxcine Sophomore
Johnson Laurel Sophomore
Johnson Maybelle Sophomore
Johnson Sarah Sophomore
Jones Ileen Sophomore
Kellenbenz George Sophomore
Kelly Faye Sophomore
Kemper Ramona Sophomore
Kirks Eunice Sophomore
Kniley Marguerite Sophomore
Knupp Marian Sophomore
Krueger Ruth Sophomore
Kwist Lida Sophomore
Lahnum Willard Sophomore
Lewis Catherine Sophomore
Lewis Frances Sophomore
Lewis Hazel Sophomore
Lewis Vivian Sophomore
Loyd John Sophomore
Lytle Matie Jane Sophomore
Mayne Marie Sophomore
McGinley Anna Sophomore
McIntosh Jean Sophomore
McKeown Russell Sophomore
Miller Helen Sophomore
Monelll Margaret Sophomore
Nylund Elsie Sophomore
Osterman Irys Sophomore
Osterman Zona Sophomore
Paradiso Eva Sophomore
Peck Alice Rachel Sophomore
Pim Wilda Sophomore
Plummer Dorothy Sophomore
Potter Mrs. J.W. Sophomore
Price Mary Sophomore
Prukop Sophie Sophomore
Prutch Mary Sophomore
Querbach Charlotte Sophomore
Rahe Harold Sophomore
Ray Goldie Sophomore
Rolfe Eugenie Sophomore
Russell Ione Sophomore
Savage Martha Sophomore
Shide Vera Sophomore
Sly Irene Sophomore
Smith Alice Sophomore
Spencer Gladys Sophomore
Stafford George Sophomore
Stanton Margaret Sophomore
Starbuck Lela Sophomore
Stewart Cecile Sophomore
Stoner Wahneita Sophomore
Tomkins Rosellen Sophomore
Tufly Lila Sophomore
Utt James Sophomore
Van Hagen Otto Sophomore
Vantuyl Mamie Sophomore
Verdieck Margaret Sophomore
Williams Rama Sophomore
Wilson Lola Sophomore
Wilson Olive Sophomore
Woody Leona Sophomore
Zavislan George Sophomore
Andrews Norman Freshman
Baldridge Mildred Freshman
Bauserman Elizabeth Freshman
Benjamin Lucille Freshman
Benson Agnes Freshman
Brewer Ada Freshman
Brown Louise Freshman
Buhrmester Ruby Freshman
Buhrmester Ruth Freshman
Bunner Raymond Freshman
Burnett Alfreda Freshman
Burton Eleanor Freshman
Busch Esther Freshman
Bussey Henrietta Freshman
Carlson Emma Freshman
Carnine Kenneth Freshman
Carroll Harold Freshman
Chapman Joseph Freshman
Chebuhar Eva Freshman
Clarke Charlotte Freshman
Collins Emma Lue Freshman
Corbin Alice Freshman
Corey Elaine Freshman
Crawford Robert Freshman
Croft Louise Freshman
Cyphers Harold Freshman
Davidson Winona Freshman
Den Beste Edith Freshman
Dwyer Nelle Freshman
Elliott Bernice Freshman
Enbom Annie Freshman
Endsley Ida Freshman
Falkenstein Margaret Freshman
Farley Flora Freshman
Flick Margaret Freshman
Gamble Bradford Freshman
Gardner Verna Freshman
Garlitz Edith Freshman
Gavin Alma Freshman
Geering Pauline Freshman
Giadone Carmella Freshman
Giles Desa Freshman
Gitzhoffen Gladys Freshman
Gould William Freshman
Greenbank Dorothy Freshman
Gust Elizabeth Freshman
Hall Lynda Rea Freshman
Hansen Caroline Freshman
Hansen Goldie Freshman
Heid Katherine Freshman
Hogsett Mildred Freshman
Holton Rosetta Freshman
Hoodelmier Lloyd Freshman
Hoover Esther Freshman
Ingram Mable Freshman
Jansen Helen Freshman
Jewell Lucille Freshman
Johnson Earl Freshman
Johnson Lillie Freshman
Jones Margaret Freshman
Jordan Bennie Freshman
Kelley Paul Freshman
Kelly Olga Freshman
Kennedy Jewell Freshman
Kimpton Paul Freshman
King Marguerite Freshman
Klapwyk Niesje Freshman
Kniley Agnes Freshman
Konkel Vivian Freshman
Kyffin Maurice Freshman
Leonard Mary Louise Freshman
Lewis Miriam Freshman
Mann Aubrey Freshman
Marshall Alice Freshman
Marshall Herma Freshman
Mathews Mabel Freshman
McCart Alma Freshman
McClain Roy Freshman
McCoy Belle Freshman
McCurry Edna Freshman
McDonald Louetta Freshman
McNew Melvin Freshman
Mercer Alvin Freshman
Mitchell Gladys Freshman
Morrison Gertrude Freshman
Nisley Emily Freshman
O’Mailia Nell Freshman
O’Neal Lucille Freshman
O’Neal Marie Freshman
Osborn Irene Freshman
Parrish Frances Freshman
Parvin Fern Freshman
Patterson Louise Freshman
Peterson Selma Freshman
Porter Mamie Bell Freshman
Pratt Vernice Freshman
Probasco Iris Freshman
Pruitt Gladys Freshman
Purcell Richard Freshman
Ratekin Mildred Freshman
Richards Mary Freshman
Riley Neva Freshman
Roberts Marjorie Freshman
Rolfe Robert Freshman
Spillman Elizabeth Freshman
Stevens Lucille Freshman
Strickland Harold Freshman
Tallman Ronald Freshman
Topliss Vera Freshman
Urquhart William Freshman
Vaughn Esther Freshman
Von Thun John Freshman
Wallace Lena Freshman
Wick Harold Freshman
Williams Horace Freshman
Wilson Darwin Freshman
Woodruff Elizabeth Freshman
Wright Florence Freshman

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